Ronnie Jordan Shines: Record-setting comedian visits Piedmont


Staff Writer

Jenkins Auditorium was packed with students roaring with laughter at comedian Ronnie Jordan’s jokes.

“You could not look at one person and not see them laughing,” said sophomore criminal justice major Salima Grieg. 

“He appealed to the audience and made everyone laugh.”

Jordan, a native of Atlanta, was crowned Comic of the Year by a record-setting 102 colleges in 110 days in 2011.

Jordan talked about roommate issues, social networks and race. 

He expressed how he liked to see white and black students together, especially at a small liberal arts college like Piedmont.  

A few of the jokes, however, were tastefully offensive as Jordan made reference to sex in college and males and females alone time in their rooms. 

Regardless of the explicit nature of some of his material, he was still able to make the crowd of students and faculty laugh.

“He was hilarious,” said junior theater major Njoki Coleman. 

“He was so witty. You could tell that he made up jokes on the spot.”

 “The energy was good. I got a good vibe from the students,” said Jordan.

Jordan’s performance went a bit overtime because he had more material to use that he wanted to test on the students. 

“You only have one chance, that first impression, to get people to like you, said Jordan.

“College crowds are cool, but I like older ones better,” 

It’s hard to make college kids laugh because they’re sober.”

In the middle of the show, Jordan made a reference to senior mass communications major Nic Sridej and his club owner-looking jacket. 

Sridej, with a smile on his face, stood up upon Jordan’s went right along with the joke.

“It was an awesome show. The guy was hilarious,” said sophomore mass communications major Patrick Ammons. 

“My favorite part was when he called out Nic.” 

He also offered to take pictures with anyone willing.

“I think it was one of our most eventful events on campus,” said Coleman.