‘Crysis 3’ Control: Game brings new glory to franchise


Assistant TV Manager

Game developers know that gamers like to step out of everyday life and into the massive shoes of a gun-wielding super soldier. 

Crytek developed “Crysis 3” for Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC, which gives the player that exact feeling with a storyline that is unusual to the franchise. 

The protagonist, Prophet, is back, and this time around we can empathize with the ultra-violent character. 

The story and characters are something Crytek spent a lot of time on in comparison to the games before. 

The “Crysis 3” story is based on a fight against the oppressive CELL Corporation and the hunt for the alien Alpha Ceph. 

But the story is pushed along by the relationship between Prophet and his sidekick, Michael “Psycho” Sykes. 

As one clings to his last trace of humanity, the other has been stripped of his Nanosuit and tortured by the Cell Corporation. 

The story has a lot of heart, even though the protagonist is mostly a machine. This is completely new for the “Crysis” franchise but is a welcome part of the whole game. 

“Crysis 3” takes place in a dilapidated New York City that has been reclaimed by nature. 

When the game opens, players must take a moment to absorb the immense amount detail. 

The imagery of vegetation covering skyscrapers with gorgeous lighting, all the way down to individual blades of grass, brings realism to this game world. 

It is the perfect combination of jungle and destroyed urban architecture that is like no other in the gaming arena. 

“Crysis 3” brings back the Nanosuit that the franchise is known for and allows for various techniques in combat. 

This Nanosuit also allows for diverse gameplay and strategy in this sandbox first-person shooter and makes it possible for the player to run with armor ability on or go into cloak mode for the whole mission. 

One of the newest features to the game is the Predator bow. It is a one-shot kill weapon that can be used silently while being cloaked, and though your quiver can only carry a certain amount, your arrows can be recovered from corpses. 

The bow also has a handful of secondary fire modes including electrified darts and thermite tip rounds. 

The use of this bow is so satisfying that it almost negates the use of any other weapon. 

Over all, the gameplay is fluid and crisp, and the Predator bow makes it even better. 

“Crysis 3” provides a  fun and enjoyable gaming experience with the amazing game world scenery, the well-produced storyline and how it plays in general by keeping the looks and style of the old games and adding new things like the Predator bow. 

Be sure to pick up the game now, because there may never be another that can compare to “Crysis 3.” For more information, visit the Gamerlore site at tuckerdixon.nfshost.com.