Campus Activities Board to Host First Campus Pride Walk


Emma Marti, Staff Writer

On Oct. 16 at 6 p.m., the Campus Activities Board is hosting the first ever campus Pride Walk. The plan is to meet at the Student Commons and march to the Quad. Different organizations and clubs around campus will have the opportunity to table and host different activities, such as face painting, games and more. 

“Some Piedmont organizations include C.A.B., Alpha Sigma Phi and League of Lions. C.A.B. is going to be giving out snow cones and goody bags for the attendees,” said Sean Ogle, a sophomore business major and member of the Campus Activities Board. “We are partnering with Alpha Sigma Phi and they are going to be handing out popcorn. League of Lions is going to be doing face painting for the different pride flags and stuff as well.” 

In addition to Piedmont clubs and organizations, Georgia Family Planning and the Atlanta Coalition will be attending the Pride Walk as well. 

“Outside of the Piedmont clubs, Georgia Family Planning and the Atlanta Coalition will be there,” said Ogle. “They’re going to be doing more informative things, like handing out brochures to give more information. They’ll be doing more informative things, whereas the other groups will be giving out food or some sort of activity.” 

The Pride Walk is occurring on the same day as International Pronouns day, which has been around for two years.

“The event is actually in conjunction with International Pronouns day,” said Zachary Moore, the coordinator of Orientation and Greek life. “It’s a national day to help shed light on the importance of pronoun usage and asking pronouns, making sure you are using people’s preferred pronouns. So, earlier that day from eleven to one, we’ll be at the welcome desk promoting International Pronouns day by handing out buttons to show that we are here to support you in whatever way we can,” 

The point of the Pride Walk is for the Piedmont community to be open and inclusive to these differences that exist across communities as well as celebrate these differences. 

“The goal of this event is to celebrate the differences that we have amongst our student body, faculty and the community outside of this school as well,” Ogle said. “We want it to be inclusive and to shine a light on the topic as well as be for visibility purposes for the community.”