We Need a Mailroom


Twice a month, a white styrofoam cooler ships to the Demorest Post Office from South Dakota with two big “MEDICATION ENCLOSED” and “KEEP REFRIGERATED” stickers covering the outside of the package. After confirming my identity and signing my name, I’m able to carry the thing back to my car and drive it back to my dorm, where it sits in my fridge until my trip to Habersham Medical to have it administered. This medication is my most valuable, both due to the cost of the product and the effect it has. If I don’t have it, I don’t walk.

Delivery for many Piedmont students isn’t an option. Only a few residence halls have street addresses and there isn’t a mailroom for student use on campus. The closest thing students have to an on-campus mailroom is the Demorest Post Office, and while the facility is walking distance from campus, a PO box rental costs a whopping $70 for the year. With all the fees we pay, shouldn’t we have a place on campus to ship the textbooks we buy from Amazon, or the food we buy from Brandless? What about mail from family members and life-saving medications? At a time where nearly everyone shops online, shouldn’t Piedmont give students a place to have the things they need delivered?

After putting my savings into my tuition and taking out thousands of dollars worth of loans, it’s safe to say that I, like most of the students at Piedmont, don’t have the funds to pay for another thing. This extra expense is covered at nearly all colleges in Georgia, private or not. As for private colleges, Mercer, Berry, Agnes Scott, and Emory are just a few that offer an on-campus post office for student use. With the money students pay for room and board, there should be a place for our mail, too.