Behold Your ‘Destiny’: New game shapes up to shake up gamers


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So far this year, gamers haven’t gotten news of a game that just blew any of them away. 

It is early in the year, and game information doesn’t start heating up til the summer months, but on Feb. 17,  Bungie live-streamed the announcement of their new game entitled “Destiny.” 

Bungie is known for the creation of the “Halo” universe, including “Halo: Combat Evolved” and “Halo: Reach,” until they sold the rights in 2009 to Microsoft’s 343 Studios. 

Everyone has wanted to know what Bungie’s next big game is. Finally, that information has arrived.

“Destiny” will be a first-person shooter with a massive multiplayer sci-fi experience. 

Bungie coined the term in their live stream “shared world shooter”, meaning you can play it by yourself, but it’s designed to seamlessly connect with friends. 

The game is meant to be socially cooperative and will require an internet connection to play. 

The world is a post-apocalyptic earth, and humanity has almost been wiped out. 

The Traveler, a white globe that hovers over the last safe city on earth, has saved humanity. 

This city is where all the last great minds come together and try to rebuild. 

The Tower is where players go to socialize with other players and gear up to go on missions and fight around the galaxy. 

You can choose to gear up and go on an adventure with friends or by yourself. 

But let’s say you and your friend are losing a fight on Mars, and all of a sudden another character shows up. 

The game has a background matchmaking system that seamlessly connects players to others. 

So instead of losing that fight, you now have three people on your adventure and have won the fight. 

“Destiny” will change unexpectedly, giving players a different experience day after day. 

“Destiny” is alive whether you are playing or not, and the world is always changing. 

In Bungie’s live-stream, they showed an IOS application that would send updates on the game world. 

This app allows users to see what their friends are doing within a game, which can affect gameplay in some way. 

Bungie also said that there is no title screen or home screen and that everything is done from within the game world. 

The soundtrack is something Bungie discussed a lot when they announced the game. 

Marty O’Donnel is the music director and composer of the “Destiny” score. 

He also created all the Halo games developed by Bungie and has countless awards for his scores. 

Fifty minutes of soundtrack is already recorded with much more to come, including tracks from Beatles icon Paul McCartney. 

“Destiny” is looking like a great sci-fi multiplayer game. 

Unfortunately, the game will not be coming out in 2013, and it is still undetermined if it will be available for the next generation consoles. 

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