Stop parking in the handicapped spots. If you are not disabled, if you don’t have a placard, if you don’t have a tag, do not park in the handicapped spot. There aren’t enough parking spots outside your residence hall? Take a hike, enjoy our beautiful campus. You’re tired and don’t want to walk? Get a coffee. If you are an able-bodied individual, you have no reason to park in the handicapped spot.

If you really want to “Make America Great Again” like the merchandise on your car so proudly displays, start by being kind to your fellow Americans. Don’t break the law. If you love your school so much, don’t leave your peers standing out by the Commons waiting for a shuttle because they physically cannot walk the distance from their car to the place they’re trying to get all because their handicapped spot is taken by someone with a tennis racket in their passenger side.

Parking in a handicapped space without the authorization to do so is a maximum $500 fine. For those students who don’t know, or care, that they have not only physically hurt a student on their campus: repeat offenders of this are possibly facing thousands of dollars in fines. Know that you have made it so that another human being can’t get into their dorm on a day where all they need is their medication and to call their doctor for help.

I have a disability. I can’t tough it out, I can’t suck it up. I am physically limited by what I can do. You, however, can. You can walk down a flight of stairs to get from the Mize to Purcell. You can park by the library and walk to your class in Stewart without taking a handicapped space. If you can run track, you can walk from one building to another. There is no reason, there is no excuse, for you to park in a handicapped space.

And if for some reason this doesn’t bother you, or you don’t see a problem with your actions, maybe you can take that up with campus police when you’re paying your ticket.