As young sports fans, we all dreamt of growing up and being a part of the SportsCenter Top 10 plays portion of their program. The potential feeling of seeing yourself on national television as one of your great plays is being replayed for millions of people to see was almost unimaginable. You would be forever immortalized as a member of the SportsCenter Top Plays club.  

Over the course of a few years, Piedmont College has made an appearance on SportsCenter more than once. Both of our appearances show decent displays of our skills, but none of them compare to the most recent SportsCenter Top Plays member and Piedmont Senior—Savannah Castles.  

Castles, a senior midfielder on the Women’s soccer team, showed off her excellent skills in the women’s post-season exhibition game against Emory. The game was extremely physical, with no team seaming like they had any advantage over the other. It looked as though the game would end up going into overtime, but in the 89th minute, Castles had other plans. 

On a great cross from Jasmine Penado, Castles handled the ball against three other Emory players in pursuit. Castles switches feet, takes a few steps, and fires a shot towards the lower left corner of the goal. The ball zipped past the goalie’s hand. Piedmont took a 1-0 lead and held on for the rest of the game.  

The Women’s soccer team may not have the best season that they wanted, but at least they ended on a high note.