Over three weeks ago, Hurricane Irma caused havoc across the southeastern coast of the United States.  

Many cities, towns and campuses were flooded and nearly destroyed, including some areas surrounding Piedmont College. 

Of the many cities that were caught in Irma’s path, the vibrant city of Miami was hit intensely. 

Natalie Munoz, a junior and a player for Piedmont’s women’s soccer team, comes from Miami and was extremely worried about the safety of her friends and family back home. 

“I was looking on social media and seeing videos of the storm coming through,” Munoz said. “It made me worried sick. All those people seeing their favorite places get washed away and thrown around by the storm. I was scared for my friends and family the whole time” 

Munoz grew up in Miami and still remembers her early days playing little league soccer there.  

“My love for soccer comes from the people that I grew up with,” she said. “Some of my favorite memories come from the soccer complex that I used to play at.” 

Munoz takes this childhood love and uses it for motivation whenever she steps out onto the field. 

“I can’t take a play off, because I know how much my friends and family struggled for those days down in Miami,” she said. “They sacrificed everything for me to be here, and I can’t let them down. I owe it to them to play hard at every game.”