Jonbenet Ramsey: A curious critique


ALENA HANSON Features & Opinions Editor

In my opinion, mistakes were being made at the beginning of the Jonbenet Ramsey case. Even with it being an assumed kidnapping/random case, the scene was not contained. Neighbors and friends flowed into the house without any concern for the crime scene. Yes, the investigation team was short-staffed due to Christmas, but the evidence was contaminated.

The police’s inability to control the situation also led to the body being contaminated by John picking it up and bringing it up from the basement. That should have never happened. Even the Victim’s Advocates that were called in to support the family picked up Jonbenet’s sheets and cleaned up around the house for the family.

A bowl of pineapples, which was in the kitchen and photographed, was cleaned up. Pineapples were found in the little girl’s stomach, which makes the pineapples themselves evidence. Who gave her those? When was she given them? It could answer some questions due to fingerprints on the utensil and bowl.

There could have been a plethora of other evidence that would have been in sight and able to be taken without a warrant, except everything was contaminated. Also, statements from both Patsy and John Ramsey were not taken at the initial start of the investigation. That gave them time-to-time to come together to talk and get lawyers that protected them. I feel that that Patsy and John should have been separated and interviewed after the 911 call to the house about Jonbenet’s kidnapping.

The other interviews were ineffective because their high profile life kept the police and investigators from pressing too hard. This is evident in several interviews. If I was the interviewer, I would press hard on every single detail. This would include why there was a fourth voice on the 911 call besides John, Burke and Patsy’s. Who was that? Why were they in the house at that time?

Then, why did she touch her daughter’s body (after John brought it up), knowing it would corrupt evidence? Patsy Ramsey is who I believe killed Jonbenet Ramsey. Her actions were overdramatic and excessively trying to prove that she was not to blame. She said that she had taken Jonbenet to bed, after she had changed her from her Christmas dress and into her pajamas.

However, a picture taken at a family friend’s house revealed that the outfit that Jonbenet was found in was what she was wearing the night before. Patsy lied about a small detail. What else was she lying about? What about the fact that the supposed ransom letter was written inside the house on a pad from the home office and held handwriting almost identical to Patsy’s own.

If you were skilled enough to break into a wealthy house to take a child, why would you risk waiting to write the ransom note until you were inside the house? Also, it was a letter that was 2.5 pages long, which is unheard of. It also held flowery language and a requested amount that matched John’s annual Christmas bonus. It was also at the bottom of the stairs. A ransom note is meant to be seen and is significant in the offender getting their money.