Nursing and Lacrosse go hand-in-hand for Surgent


Nursing and Lacrosse go Hand-in-Hand for Surgent

SAM NEGRON Staff Writer

There comes a time where a student-athlete plays a sport because it can be used to help in their dream job. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it can be beneficial for that person. Working in the medical field requires a lot of discipline and team work.

These are the same abilities you develop in team sports. Julianna Surgent, senior nursing major and lacrosse player for the Lady Lions, has the mindset that lacrosse and nursing can go hand in hand.

“Lacrosse was important to me for a few reasons, one being the structure that comes with it. Being a nursing major and playing lacrosse means you have a very structured schedule, which works well with me,” said Surgent when asked how important lacrosse was to her college decision.

Most students, especially student-athletes, coming out of high school don’t really think about how sports can help their future goals. They want to choose a college that could give them the opportunity to start right away and continue what they have been doing all their lives. When Surgent was looking at school, she knew Piedmont was the place for her. It gave her all the opportunities to do what she wanted to do like continuing playing lacrosse, which she loves, and attend a college with a prominent nursing program.

“Piedmont offered both things I was passionate about; nursing and lacrosse. I have been able to do both so it was the perfect fit. The location is nice as well, it’s in a gorgeous area and not far from any activities,” said Surgent.

Surgent is different than most. She would have still come to Piedmont even if they didn’t have her sport. She was more focused on wanting to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Playing lacrosse was an added bonus to her.

“Yes I would have, the nursing program here is awesome and would have come for nursing if they didn’t offer lacrosse,” said Surgent.

Many student-athletes should have this same mentality. This is what the embodiment of a student-athlete really is. Luckily for other student-athletes, she is willing to share her advice with others.

“To plan out your school schedule first, then practices. When you get out of practice you’ll be tired and want to just rest not do your school work. So if you plan it out correctly you can do your homework before hand so you can rest after. Also, your coaches are always in your corner and will work with you with your school work and encourage you to do your best and put school first,” said Surgent.

Surgent already has her future planned after college. With a mindset like her’s it is easy to see how and why she does.

“I am moving to Indianapolis where I will be working as a registered nurse on an organ transplant critical care unit,” said Surgent.