Why reckless drivers are the worst


ALENA HANSON Opinions & Features editor

Why do you like to make it dangerous for other drivers? Why do you just do your own thing, even if it is against the law? Is there a reason you like to make others unsafe? I am writing as a concerned fellow driver.

Every time I go on the road, there is always someone who does not practice caution. They turn without signals. They merge without a thought of who is in the other lane. They run red lights. They carelessly stop right in the middle of the road or give no indication of their stopping until they do. They honk without a second thought, getting over into the other lane and flipping people off. Some people even get confused and end up going in the wrong direction, narrowly missing oncoming cars.

Let us talk about the crazies that weave between traffic. It does not matter if there is a huge semi barreling to its destination, they will glide right in front of them. Semis can be a huge safety issue too. I have seen many swerve off the road, forcing me or others to move over or fall way back behind to keep distance.

All that is off campus too, but now let us talk about Piedmont. Why must people speed on that back road behind Piedmont and the library? There is a speed bump and the road is already so narrow. I do not need to be sent hurtling down into the swampy area or get hit head on by one of those drivers. I understand that you need to get somewhere and in a hurry. That does not mean I am going to put the safety of myself or others in jeopardy. Do not even get me started on the parking lot outside of the Commons. That area is insane.

People do not pay attention and just zoom on, even though there are pedestrians and other cars around. People fly in and out of parking spaces too or park close enough to cause issues. The amount of car horns blaring can attest to the near or completed accidents. People at Piedmont need to be more cautious of others. I mean why am I even wasting my time writing this? The answer is that we need a change. Of course, no one is perfect. However, we can all change.

If you do not do it for anyone else, do it for yourself. Drive courteously to decrease accidents and mishaps. There are a lot of people that walk around the Piedmont campus that do not need to fear that a car will not stop. Do not risk the lives of others just because you are running late or get confused what a blinker is. I do not mean to harp, but there are enough dangers in the world today. Why do we need to worry about reckless driving?