Holt stays strong through season-ending injury


SAM NEGRON Staff writer

Some student-athletes have played sports all their lives and others just happen to play sports by chance. Noah Holt, senior communications major and former Lady Lions lacrosse player, is a living example of this.

“I don’t feel like sports played a big role in my life because I fell into lacrosse just by chance. I didn’t really play any other sports or keep up with them at all,” said Holt.

Even though she just started playing lacrosse by chance, she knew it was something she wanted to do in college. When it came to choosing a college to continue playing lacrosse, Piedmont caught her attention right away. Not only was it for the program, but also the sense of community the school had. It made her feel comfortable about her decision and with the first impression Piedmont gave her, she knew her future was set.

“I chose Piedmont College because I really loved the lacrosse program. When I visited I felt a strong sense of community and I knew I would be happy at this school and with this lacrosse team,” said Holt.

Lacrosse was important for Holt in college. Unfortunately, an injury cut her collegiate career short. Lacrosse was very important to me up until I got injured this past year. I knew I wasn’t going to play after college, but I really enjoyed all the moments I got to spend with my team on and off the field. Sports can mold us in many ways. Not until it is over do we realize how much effect it had on our lives.

When asked how lacrosse has helped mold her as a person, Holt said, “I believe that lacrosse did help me grow and mature. I learned many life lessons through playing the game and interacting with coaches and players.”

Holt’s journey as a student-athlete took an unfortunate turn when she was injured. She wasn’t able to continue her college career but doesn’t regret it one bit. She is the type of person that loves to live spontaneously and always find the silver lining in things. This is evident when she was asked what she wanted to do after graduation. Most students want to have something lined up, ready to go. Holt would much rather experience life and let everything fall into place when it does.

“As of right now, I am unsure about what I will be doing after college, however, I hope to get a job in the communications field. I also would like to take some time to travel and experience life and different cultures after college,” said Holt.