President to donate his house to fraternity

LEAH PUGLIESE Contributing writer

Last semester, Piedmont College held multiple meetings about the opportunity for greek life to come to the Demorest campus. After feedback given by students, President Mellichamp has graciously donated his home on campus, located next to Camp Hall, to turn it into a new fraternity house.

“I don’t technically live there, so I thought it would be a generous donation to kick off greek life,” said Mellichamp.

There will be a set of rules put in place for the frat house. The first one will be that every Saturday, all students who are over 21-years-old, will be allowed to drink in the house starting at 8 a.m. While drinking will be allowed in this house on campus, it will be very strict for people under the drinking age.

There will be students who can become bouncers through student worker positions. With this rule in place, Mellichamp hopes to bring more of a night life to Demorest. Mellichamp has also given the students permission to renovate the house any way they see fit.

Students will start with paying a fee of $1,000. While this fee is high, it is necessary to fund the renovations and multiple kegs and drinking accessories that will be purchased. The Student Government Association will oversee assigning a president and vice president for the fraternity.

“We need students to apply that would like to be a part of a leadership team that will oversee all choices that will be made,” said SGA representative. “When you are accepted in the leadership team you will also gain certain benefits such as a faculty parking pass.”

Gabriel Gutierrez is a Piedmont student who is also a member of res life. “With the Quality Enhancement Plan the focus is High Impact Practices, and having a frat house on campus would be a great start to get the students involved,” said Gutierrez.

Even with it being called a fraternity house, it will be co-ed. The house will also be hiring a personal chef that will be there to give those students a break from the café food. Allergy requests will be sent in during application to be a part of Greek life.

If that doesn’t sound great enough, this prestigious fraternity will grant you a full ride scholarship on the account of President Melllichamp’s orders. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be at least a sophomore, and after acceptance into Greek life, you must maintain a GPA of at least 1.0.

Email residence life to reserve your spot to live in the new dorm that will be the latest talk around campus.

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