Piedmont to assign uniforms

NATE ROYS Contributing writer

Piedmont College students will be required to wear uniforms starting in the fall semester of 2017. This decision came from the Piedmont College Board of Trustees after many reported nudity incidents.

The uniform will consist of green, collared golf shirts as well as green and white plaid pants/shorts. The cost of the uniforms will not be included in tuition and will cost approximately $150 each.

Students will also be required to wear brown shoes and a brown belt.

“The uniform shirt and pants can only be purchased from the Piedmont College bookstore, but the brown shoes and belt may be purchased anywhere they like,” said Piedmont College President James Mellichamp. “These students need direction and the uniforms will help guide them to a more focused style of learning,” he said. “Instead of each student worrying about what they will wear every day, we will have already made the decision for them, giving them one less thing to worry about.”

Many students are opposed to the uniforms because they say it is taking away their freedoms that they gained from coming to college. Several students are threatening to boycott the school and continue their education elsewhere.

“I’m sick and tired of these rules their putting on these college kids these days,” NBA AllStar Lebron James said of the Piedmont College uniform policy. “That’s why I didn’t go to college, the people running those places are crooks.”

No final word has been handed down for the uniform policy, but it looks as if the uniform policy will be here to stay, starting in the fall of 2017.

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