Soccer player transfers from beachside college

CHLOE MORGAN/Contributing writer

Sophomore, exercise science major Myron Guyton recently transferred from sunny, beachside Flagler College to Piedmont College.

Guyton, who was offered a position on the Piedmont’s men’s soccer team, talked about his experience with the sport at Flagler College. He said, “I Didn’t enjoy Flagler because the coach showed obvious favoritism to certain players and didn’t offer opportunities for promotion.”

Although Piedmont is a Division III college, Guyton felt that dropping down a division would be a better opportunity for him to play the sport in a more enjoyable way.

“My coach here seems more excited to see me play than my old coach.” Guyton also mentioned that the higher girl-to-guy ratio at Piedmont was another huge attraction to the college.

Family is a huge part of Guyton’s life as he considers his 21-year-old sister one of his best friends. His dad retired from a sporting career in his late twenties, but Guyton said his father never pressured him to pursue the same route. However, at times, he felt pressured by his peers.

“Due to his [Guyton’s dad] success in sports, the rest of the community expected me to live up to a certain standard that he had set.”

Guyton hopes to eventually pursue a career as a personal trainer, but his parents want him to consider the role of a physical therapist. One thing Guyton is certain on, however, is his love for his two poodles Theo and Coco, who have been part of his family for the past 10 years.