Meet Chloe

ANDRE ALONSO Contributing Writer

Chloe Morgan is just like any other college student in the world, except she made a bold move when she decided to come to the U.S. all the way from Wales to attend college.

She moved here all by herself with help from the Georgia Rotary Student Program, which allows kids from different countries to come to college in America for at least one year.

“The program pays for my tuition, books and flight. I only have to bring spending money,” Morgan said. She described the differences between her home country and America as being an adjustment.

“Everything is bigger in America,” she said. Despite the differences in culture, she said that the transition from Wales to Georgia was easier than expected.

“I like hiking and camping back home,” she said. “I think that is why the rotary program recommended Piedmont as the college I should attend.”

Even though she worked at a family bakery, her parents were on board with her moving to the U.S. for her freshman year of college. She doesn’t exactly know what career she wants to pursue yet, but she wants to see what the Mass Communications department has to offer. Morgan looks forward to finishing her year of college in America strong and enjoying the rest of time she has here.