What Music Means to Me

ALENA HANSON Opinions & Features Editor

Do you have a song that can put you back in time to a certain memory? A song that can literally pull forth every detail of that moment—putting you directly back into it. Well, I have several. Music has always been a huge part of my life. When I am upset, I listen to music. When I am writing, I am listening to music. I listen to music while I’ll shower and get ready. I use it as a muse and a way to just have ‘me’ time.

There has never been a moment that I wanted to play the notes that make my life so enjoyable. There is no need to sing out loud in public or dance to ‘my’ songs (you should not want either of those things either). No, music is a way that I can think and just enjoy. There is nothing wrong with being a musician, a singer or a dancer; that is just not how I express my love of music. It is a more private affair that leaves me emotional, extremely concentrated or unaware of my surroundings.

Spotify Premium has become my best friend for the last couple of months. It is a joyous app that makes my life much easier. I love to make playlists that match my moods and what I am doing. There is a playlist for times of inspiration, sleepiness, sadness and happiness. It is an ongoing list that grows bigger with the release of new songs and the rediscovery of old melodies that pull me back in time.

Music can be of any genre, generation or by any artist; I just have to enjoy a song. I like 80’s Pop, Panic! At the Disco, DNCE, Chicago, Eric Saade and plenty of other unrelated artists and music. There is never an end to the amount of songs I can listen to and fall in love with.

If you ask my mom, she would tell you how much music I listen to. She can tell you of the car rides where there was no doubt the radio playing or the auxiliary cord plugged in. She probably could not count all the times that she has asked me a question, only for me to have earbuds in. There is no doubt she would say that my musical taste is very unique. There has been so many times that I have switched a song, only for something louder and with quicker tempo to blare out of the speakers.

It is an insane amount of time that I have spent searching for a song because it reminds me of sometime or someone. There are songs dedicated to my deceased grandfather. There are songs that I remember listening to as a child. There are songs that remind me of when I have read a really good book. There are songs that make me laugh and cry. Songs that give me chills and make me feel energized. There are songs that can fit into my life so well at the moment that it is eerie.

Now, I know that everyone has their own taste and thoughts about music. This is just about my own personal account of what music means to me. It might sound crazy to your or you may relate, but this is a piece about what music does for me. It is about how I can take a song and just engross myself in it. This is not a piece to get you into my type of music or even encourage you to listen to music; this is just something that shows how much music means to me.