DIY Costumes to make this Halloween


Halloween is coming up. Are you tired of the boring, unoriginal costumes? If so, I have come up with ten Halloween costumes that are unique and simple to make:

1. Tree- In order to pull this off, you’ll need to wear all brown. Once you have your all brown outfit figured out, attach leaves from outside. To make the leaves stick, you can put sticky tape on the back of them and press them to your clothes. You can also wear a green wig to help create the look of leaves. Be sure and make this costume the day or night before Halloween so there is less of a chance of the leaves falling off.

2. Pigs in a Blanket- Want a ‘punny’ costume? Consider being a pig in a blanket. First, dress in all pink. For the nose, you can use an empty toilet paper roll and paint it pink or cover it in pink fabric or construction paper. You will also want to cover the end of the empty toilet paper roll with pink paper. Use a hole puncher to make holes on the sides of the empty toilet paper. Then, put string through the holes and tie the string at the back of the head so you can wear the nose easier. Lastly, wrap yourself in a blanket and you are ready to go!

3. Grapes- For this fruity costume, you will need to wear all purple. To make the actual grapes, blow up purple balloons and safety pin them to your shirt. To accessorize the look, wear a green headband and cut out green construction paper to look like leaves. Attach the green construction paper to the green headband, and there you go- you are now grapes!

4. Social butterfly- Do you want to be social and an animal? Then be a social butterfly for Halloween. You’ll need to dress in a solid color (I suggest all black). Then, enlarge pictures of social media logos and print them out on construction paper to attach them to your black top or dress. Lastly, buy butterfly wings and an antenna costume piece. You are successfully dressed as a butterfly!

5. Starbucks Frappuccino- Do you love Starbucks? If you do, be a Starbucks Frappuccino. This look requires you to wear a light brown dress. Print out or draw a Starbucks logo and attach it to your dress. Then wear a white feather boa to represent whipped cream and enjoy being a Starbucks Frappuccino.

6. Holy Cow- Here’s another idea for a punny costume. For this, you should wear all white. Cut out black construction paper or draw black spots with a Sharpie on your white clothes. Then cut out black construction paper and make it look like a cow tail. Wear a bell around your neck to represent a cowbell and white pipe cleaner to create a halo. Do all of this and you’ll be ready to go as a Holy Cow.

7. Jellyfish- Are you in the mood to dress as a creature that swims under the sea? You can be a jellyfish for Halloween! Get a pink umbrella and attach pink feather boas to it. Carry it around above your head all night and you’ll be a jellyfish!

8. Twister- Are you feeling gamey? Dress up as the game Twister! You will need to wear a plain white dress or a plain white T-shirt and white shorts or jeans. Then, write on the white shirt with colored Sharpies or fabric paint to draw the Twister symbols!

9. Donut- Be something sweet this Halloween and go as a donut. Wear an inner tube around your neck and paint some of it so that it looks like frosting. Then add short and small strips of colored construction paper onto the tube. You can also attach beads instead of construction paper if you prefer. That completes your donut look.

10. Tooth fairy- If you want to be a tooth fairy, buy a fairy costume online. Put your hair up in a bun and grab a toothbrush. Ta-da! You are the tooth fairy!

Most of my ideas came from Pinterest, so if you didn’t like these, visit their site for many more. Have fun trick-or-treating!