Review of “American Horror Story”

ETHAN AMASON Contributing Writer

“American Horror Story” is a show like I’ve never seen before. I have watched a total of four seasons of the show, and I will admit it did take me a few episodes to find a liking to it.

At first I thought the show was kind of boring. When you hear the name American Horror Story, one would expect the show to be crazy scary, and while it is scary at times, it’s mainly just creepy. One thing I like about “American Horror Story” is how each season has a different theme, but almost always has the same characters. It’s amazing to see how the actors and actresses can play such different roles so well. Plus, figuring out who they were in the previous season is fun.

Another thing I like about about the show is that the creators of “American Horror Story” had other famous people on the show. The episodes have a great story line and some great characters to go along with the story. One season starred the lead singer for Maroon 5 Adam Levine. Other seasons starred Emma Roberts and Cathy Bates, two very well-known actresses.

My favorite season from the four that I watched was the season on the witch coven. This season had a great deal of history tied up in the story line, plus I also really liked the location. This specific season took place in New Orleans. It was a great location to use in this season, especially dealing with witches. This season was fantastic because it followed the plot very well and it never strayed away. This season always had me excited for the next episode.

My all-time favorite character in all of the seasons of “American Horror Story” is Tate. He changes names throughout the seasons but he is introduced as Tate in the first season. Evan Peters is the actor’s name that portays the various characters. He is being brought back for the new season. I’m ready to watch the new season just because he is in it.

A few leaked teasers revealed that the theme for the new season is “Into the Mist.” I have seen an image of one of the characters in this season and he looks so scary. I was curious when I found out the new theme and I’m anxious to see what they do with it. For now, I am trying to catch up on watching season five of AHS in preparation for season six, and I can’t wait for the new season.