Compass Point Turned Career

Contributing Writer

For my second Compass Point, I chose to do a semester-long internship at a local radio station. Professors have always stressed the importance of internships and their benefits for my future, so I figured, “why not?” When I jumped on-board with this radio station, my main project for Compass was setting up and promoting a “text line” for the station. Basically, it was a system that allowed listeners to text in song requests, answers to trivia questions and virtually anything else they wanted to send in. Not only did this bridge the gap between the hosts and the listeners, but it also encouraged other forms of interaction. It was a form of technology I had not gotten my hands on yet, so it was an awesome experience getting to add new tech skills to my arsenal.

Aside from the technical set up of the text line, I got to be a big part in the promotions and advertisements for the new line. For example, I helped organize, tear down and set up a booth for the station at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair. During the event, I talked to listeners and introduced them to our new technology. Similarly, I made awesome connections with local businesses who wanted to advertise with us through the new text system.

Another thing I got to do during my internship, besides the text line, was writing and producing ads for local businesses that were played on the station. I also helped write some content for the daily morning shows. This gave me a real-life opportunity to use and hone some of the skills that I’ve learned as a mass communications major at Piedmont.

Overall, I loved my internship experience, and it actually led to job opportunities for the future. I was offered a position with the company I had an internship with; however, whether I work at this station or anywhere else, I picked up professional skills that enhanced what I learned in the classroom. These skills can be used in any number of ways.

The best part about it is I would have done an internship anyways. Not only did I gain a lot of practical experience, but I also was able to add a distinctive experiential learning opportunity to my resume. Thanks to the Compass Program, I now have a very unique and personalized academic transcript that contains my own reflection of the endeavor, which makes me stand out and enhances my professional development.