Why Compass Points Are So Important

Contributing Writer

As a freshman, the Compass Program can seem intimidating. I was worried that I would procrastinate my three Compass Points and run out of time to finish them before graduation.

Ironically, I exceeded 30 hours of engagement with my first endeavor. I ran the Piedmont College Volleyball Summer Camp, which satisfied the Vocation Compass Point. This experience led to my current head coaching position at Lanier Volleyball Club and laid a grounded foundation for my understanding of the game.

This first Compass Point was exciting to me as a freshman because I was the first student to ever run the college volleyball camp. Without this Compass Point, I would have never recognized my passion for coaching and would not have the head coaching position that I hold now.

My second Compass Endeavor was completed by a small group, which we named the PALs (Piedmont Athletic Lions). This Service-Learning Compass Point helped create the first “Junior Special Olympics” at Piedmont College. Fairview Elementary School and Cornelia Elementary School participated in the event and introduced me to a 2nd  grader named José.

The PAL Games are now an annual event and ran again this year on March 18. The students and teachers of each elementary school seemed so appreciative of what we were doing with the PAL Games, whichmade this Compass Point worthwhile. My PAL José, had the biggest smile on his face when they announced that he won the noodle throw.

I was allowed to introduce him on the microphone in front of the crowd when he was awarded his medal. José continued to hug me before leaving the gym, and I made sure that he received the picture we had taken together that day. This experience not only brought Piedmont students together, but it built a relationship between the schools and part of the community as well.

I am currently in the process of completing my third Compass Point under leadership. I am a leader for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and will be overseeing, as well as participating in, all of the projects and events run by SAAC. This Compass Endeavor is different than my other two because I took a club that I was already involved in and created greater possibilities for the club through the Compass Program. The Compass Program is not supposed to be a time consuming requirement of the college. This program is a way for students to branch out and gain experience in other areas that they may have not been exposed to, which, in turn, better prepares students for life after college.