Movie Review: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”



Publication Chief/Arts & Entertainment Editor

Opa! Easter weekend was the release of the anticipated film, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” As a lover of the first film, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” I was very excited and curious to see how the spin-off would be.

The first thing that I noticed about this movie was how accurate the family members were.

The entire family was the same cast- all the way from Gus to Aunt Voula.

The film carried on the tradition of the first film with things like the Windex bottle, the glasses Toula wore and even certain sayings.

The second thing that got my attention was the plot of the film.

The film was about a wedding, of course, and it all started when Gus realized his marriage license to Maria had never been signed, making their marriage unofficial.

In the first film, Toula had a makeover because she was self-conscious and was looking to find someone to marry.

However, in the second film, Toula’s character went through something similar, but for more mature reasons than just being an awkward young adult. The film’s theme was rekindling romance.

After so long of being married but not being official, Gus and Marie had to bring back their spark, alongside Toula and her husband after they had been focusing on their teenage daughter, Paris, for so long.

The humor in the film was still very evident, just like the first. Many of the laughs in the film centered around the aspect of the big family.

The Portokalos family always made themselves noticed by showing their love, whether it be through talking loudly, screaming at one another or arguing on whom loves who more.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” really focused on the importance of family being a support system. When someone was asked to do something, he or she stepped up, no questions asked. It left a heart-felt feeling with the viewers that I didn’t expect.

I could definitely feel the love of the Portokalos family in this film. It left me wishing I was Greek.