The importance of relaxing and all it entails

Staff  Writer

If you’re reading this, it means that you’ve made it to the final weeks of this semester. Congratulations—all that’s left are a few classes and finals week.

You’ll be fine, just make time to take it easy in this high-stress month.

Now, one might think, how can I have time to do nothing when there are five projects and a paper due?

It’s possible, especially if you started those projects early being the key word there.

Do not wait until the last minute to start preparing a project or studying for a test.

Take things a little at a time and set goals to reach each day before the things are due to ensure you have a little time for yourself.

You know you have time each day to watch some Netflix, go to the café with a friend or attend an event. It’s not hard to make time.

Sure, you might miss one night of studying, but time with friends is invaluable, especially when schedules are all over the place.

During my freshman year, playing pool with my roommates was what I looked forward to.

Whether it was during the afternoon before work or late at night to relieve a little bit of stress before a huge midterm exam, I relaxed and that was time well spent in my book.

Things change every year, people move in and away, so make sure you spend time with your friends while you are here and have the opportunity.

Otherwise, you could miss out on some great memories.

Another way to get away from stress is to go on an adventure. Go out to Clarkesville and visit the square, or go on a hike to the lookout tower.

My friends and I like to drive aimlessly during the nice days when the sun is out. It might not be but an hour or so, but every minute is worth it.

However, with that said, completing your homework is important.

The purpose of is article isn’t to emphasize skipping school-related responsibilities, but, rather, making a little time each day for yourself in your busy college schedule.

Find a hobby. Hang up a hammock, and watch the baseball game. Play music with a friend.

Do things that make you happy to improve your mood, schoolwork and overall college experience.