Review: Art Faculty show off work

Staff Writer

Not often do the faculty and staff of the Art Department get to show off their own work on campus. The works exhibited at the Mason Scharfenstein Museum of Art show the extensive knowledge of everyone involved.

Professor Christopher Kelly’s ceramic work shows the pinnacle of what a student in ceramics can eventually accomplish. The work was designed around the largest kiln, and its dominating size displays Kelly’s extensive knowledge of ceramics. The application of the glaze over an iron oxide lily motif is unique and enchanting. The stylized lily calls the user to look at it a second and third time as the rivulets of ash fall over and obscure the detail hidden beneath.

Professor Brian Hitselberger’s works show both the extreme scale differences in his pieces and the unique mediums and applications he has chosen to work in. The museum is proud to temporarily have a beautiful wall drawing of Hitselberger’s. Drawing on walls rather than paper or canvas means when the show is over, it will be painted over. It will forever be a part of the wall on which it was executed, but only photographs will remain. The rest of his works integrate with this as well. The overarching theme is the existence of a greater being outside of what people know.

Professor Kaitlin Botts is the graphic design and photography professor at Piedmont College. Her exceptional prints are both an example and a challenge to the students in her classes. Botts’s eye for color and contrast lend an elegant beauty to the subject matter of her photographs.

Graduate Professor Jackie Elliot’s works are clean and concise about the subject matter. Working with traditional materials, Elliot has created conversational works that any and all can enjoy.

Professor Rebecca Brantley’s works are demure in size but contain exquisite content and detail closely contained within the borders of her canvases. These works are perfect reflections of Brantley. Her quiet and contemplative nature flows seamlessly onto the canvas to create an experience that is thought provoking. Bold colors mixed with muted shades and tones create a beautiful field of flowing conscious that begs for more time and contemplation on their deeper meaning.

Museum Director Daniel White is a whimsical and fun loving person with a serious character. His works perfectly portray the attitude and energy of the artist. The presented works are from a new body aptly titled Myths and Martyrs, which portrays caricatures of famous people from myth and from history. Within these paintings are fun caricatures of Galileo and the Green Knight of Beowulf.

I would like to thank all of the Faculty and Staff of the Piedmont College Art Department for being wonderful inspirational people who have helped us grow and understand ourselves. Your work is inspirational and wonderful.