Dear Athens students,

At the start of this school year, I wrote to the student body of Athens, asking for someone to represent your campus in The Roar: Print Edition. But, to my dismay, no students responded or contacted me with content or ideas.

As a residential Demorest student serving as the Athens editor, I am very unfamiliar with the Athens campus. I have visited once, but I know nothing about the students who attend there or the culture of the campus. Due to this, I am sure you can imagine how difficult it is to produce content for a campus that isn’t represented by an authentic voice, one that interacts with the Athens campus on a daily basis.

In order to change this, I would like for Athens students to step-up within their student media and contribute. Writing a feature about a professor, spotlighting a student’s accomplishments or even a simple movie review is valuable material. Don’t be afraid to send something in; as a member of the Piedmont College student body, your voice does matter.

Aside from being a part of Piedmont’s student culture, writing for the paper will improve your writing skills in general, which is important to have in any career. By writing for the newspaper, you will increase your grammar skills as well as your involvement in current events. Additionally, being a staff writer is an excellent resume builder. These reasons, and more, are perfect reasons to begin writing today.

At times, the Athens and Demorest campuses feel disconnected because of the separate locations. The only way to bring the student bodies together is through working as one, and one way to do this is by producing a newspaper that is rich in content and represents its entire student body.

Even if you don’t want to write but have a good idea for a story, please contact me with information. Any participation would help.

For more information about contributing to The Roar: Print Edition, contact, Athens and Living Editor Cammie Bagley at [email protected]

Thank you,
Cammie Bagley
Athens Editor