‘Awesomenauts’ in Space: Gamer finds excellence in download-only game


Assistant TV Manager

Being at Piedmont, it’s sometimes hard to find a game that fulfills the void of not having online play. This weekend, I came across a game while hanging out with a friend that just might help fill that void. 

The game is a download-only game called “Awesomenauts.” It is developed by Ronimo Games and is a 2D side-scrolling Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). The premise of the game is two teams of three fighting to take each other’s defenses and solar drill out. 

The style of the game is apparent from the start screen, which has a nice 1980s-style cartoon theme song and a graphics style to go along with it. 

The eight characters you can choose from have their own unique voice and theme song. 

As you play the game, you gain solar, which is the currency used to upgrade your character. 

Each character serves a different purpose like Voltar, who heals, and Clunk, the brute who bashes everything. Strategy is the key to this game. 

Certain characters, like Voltar and Clunk, are stronger together than they are alone. The game is not just three-on-three but there are bots for each team. 

These bots are used as shields and also help take down enemy turrets. The point is not to kill the other team, but to destroy their turrets and reach the drill to destroy it. 

The game is packed full of action with areas full of bots and enemy players fighting each other. 

I highly suggest “Awesomenauts” for anyone, especially here at Piedmont with no way to play online. 

Having multiple friends playing at the same time on one console makes for a fun, yet challenging experience. 

The game is available on Mac, PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for only ten dollars. It is a great time for friends and a rewarding winning experience. 

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