Lions host Early Spring Classic Tournament


The Piedmont College baseball team hosted the Early Spring Classic Tournament this past weekend. On Friday, Feb. 19, the Lions faced York College of Pennsylvania in a close evening match. The Lions won with a score of 10-9. They went on to face Virginia Wesleyan College, but the game ended in a loss, 6-4. The Lions defeated Millsaps College for the last game of the tournament with a score pf 8-5, bringing the teams overall record to 6-2.


First-year outfielder Brady Ballstadt, singles to left, hits the first run of the night putting the lions ahead 1-0 in the game against York College of Pennsylvania.


Third-year in- fielder Zack Johnson scores the first run of the night.


Third-year pitcher Riley Presnell waits for a sign from the catcher.


Fourth-year infielder Breck Davidson protects first, waiting for the next pitch.