Show Us Your Six Appeal


Contributing Writer

Jenkins Auditorium was packed on Jan. 31 with attendees varying from visiting high school students to seasoned local residents, all waiting to be entertained by Six Appeal. 

The a cappella ensemble of six men began the concert with none other than a Disney favorite, “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King.” 

They also performed arrangements from major pop icons such as Maroon 5, Michael Jackson and Queen. 

After a majority of audience members raised their hands and acknowledged their love of the country music genre, the team performed “Your Man” by the rich-toned country singer, Josh Turner. 

The vocalists performed an original work written by ensemble member Jordan Roll as well. 

The men of Six Appeal brought a range of talent from vocal percussion to operatic vocal stylings.  

Listeners were treated to the beat-boxing skills of group member Trey Jones. 

He dropped beats, dubstep and even a cat’s meow. 

Their voices were not the only entertainment factor of the night. 

Their movement on stage was a show in itself. 

The group made it known that this is the only exercise they get, and exercise it was, to say the least. 

The performers moved in and out of various formations, jumped and danced their way across the length of the stage. 

Nearing the end of the performance, senior psychology major, Campus Activity Board (CAB) member and host for the event Sidney Smith, joined the group in a workout, complete with horizontal bicycle kicks.  

Senior biology major Brooke Terilli also found her way onto the stage and was given an honorary performance for her upcoming birthday.

The group also performed “I’m Gonna Be” by Scottish pop band The Proclaimers as a show-stopping finale piece. 

This song topped charts internationally soon after its release in 1988. 

At the conclusion of the concert, special acknowledgement was given to Natalie Crawford, who coordinated the event, and CAB. 

“I loved the performance,” said freshman mass communications major Manyi Eno.

“We should have more groups like this come to Piedmont.” 

Freshman theatre major Greg Voyles said, “They created such a comfortable, intimate atmosphere. Their comedy made them personable.” 

For more information about Six Appeal, visit their website at