Truth or Tale?

Truth or Tale?


Susan Cardillo: Assistant Professor of Mass Communications

1) Spent 5 years as a flight attendant

2) Was in the original off Broadway production of Glass Menagerie (Lie) 

3) Went to college on a baton twirling scholarship





Timothy Menzel: Associate Professor of Biology 

1) I have an identical twin brother

2) I have a degree in Political Science

3) I have a PhD in Biology (Lie: it is actually in Entomology)





Mark Jestle: Director of Residential Education 

1) I’ve gone white water rafting more than 5 times.

2) My favorite vacation spot is Panama City Beach, Fl.

3) My favorite dessert is Cheesecake (Lie)






Denise Vincent:D: Director of Recreational Services and Fitness Center 

1) My two truths are I am the daughter of a Baptist Preacher

2) I am an Instrument Rated Private Pilot.

3) I have four brothers and 1 sister (Lie)