Wrong Visitation


Staff Writer

For the nearly three years that I have been at Piedmont, there have been many complaints about various things on campus. 

The most consistent complaints have been those about visitation hours in the dorms. 

Many people felt that the hours shouldn’t exist or at least be extended.  

There was a lot of back and forth about reasons why the hours should and shouldn’t be extended. 

After many semesters of debate, the Student Government Association has worked to have a new visitation rule set in place. 

The new visitation hours are set for 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. 

Many students may be pleased with the change in the visitation hours, but I don’t think that the new hours were properly thought through. 

I think that it is completely unfair to the resident directors and assistants to have to stay up even later to do rounds. 

With the current hours, they are out pretty late doing rounds in every dorm. 

I also don’t think that it’s fair to make such a change that affects the residential life staff without considering their opinions on the matter or how the decision could affect them. 

I really don’t understand what the extended visitation hours are helping. 

What exactly is being accomplished from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. that couldn’t be done during the normal visitation hours? 

I’m not saying that people that had a problem with the visitation hours don’t have reason to feel the way that they do. 

I just think the new visitation policy is a little unrealistic and could bring about more problems.