Life after Piedmont – How to create an impressive resume


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One of the very first steps in obtaining that dream job after college is creating an impressive resume paired with a cover letter. Today’s job market is fierce and competitive, so in order to stand out from the rest, here are some tips that will give an applicant’s resume an edge over others.

Many college students have little job experience, but this is OK because there are other ways of improving one’s resume. If a student finds himself or herself in this position, he or she should consider including relevant skills that they have for the job they are applying for.

For example, being able to use various technologies such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and others could improve a resume. Academic or athletic honors that one has received are also good ideas to add to a resume to show employers that one is a team player.

The design of a resume should be simple yet stand out to a potential employer. Employers can look through hundreds of resumes a day, so if one isn’t distinct, then it could just be overlooked. In the past, using color on a resume was frowned upon; but today, if you use it in a way that complements your qualifications, then it can be a good thing.

Try to use color only on headings and design elements rather than information listed within the resume. Be sure to use easily readable colors that won’t distract the person who is looking at it. With the help of the Internet, one can download lots of different resume templates to help get started. Always save a resume as a PDF file, so that when it’s time to send it to an employer, it will look the same on his or her computer.

When it comes to the layout of a resume, be sure to have an objective that clearly states what one is applying for. An objective can be as simple as “an entry- level marketing position” or “to obtain a position as an editor of ESPN magazine.”

Most people think they need to list references, but it should only be done if the company that one is applying to specifically asks for it. Many times an employer will look into references later on in the interview process. Education and volunteer sections on a resume are always a good idea as well. If one has done an internship, even if it was unpaid, still list it under the experience section. Employers prefer real-world experience.

There are tons of different styles of headers that can be used for resumes, but it’s important to list one’s name, phone number and email.

It’s best to leave off an address because, in some cases, this will instantly turn away an employer. The applicant’s name should be the largest thing on the resume so that it sticks out and has a greater chance of being remembered.

When applying for any position, remember these key tips to result in a spectacular resume that will be sure to impress potential employers.

A resume that is simple, yet full of experience is the first step in getting a job after college. If a student needs help creating a resume there will be basic and advanced resume writing held in the Learning Center in Room 106 on Thurs., Jan. 14 and Tues., Jan. 19 at 6 p.m.

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