Reboots and Relaunches: Are You Excited?

Opinions Editor

There are three television relaunches that I am most excited about this year. This means that these shows have had previous seasons that were ‘concluded’ but are now coming back with new plot lines and even some new characters.

First, let’s talk about The X-Files. Yes, the show that made it into your childhood nightmares is coming back with a ven- geance. This 2016 reboot reunites with Agent Dana Scully and Agent Fox Mulder, not to mention it’s sure to bring extraterres- trials back onto the screen. Gillian Anderson and David Dochvony are back as the duo FBI agents that investigate the strange and out-of-this–world. The pilot episode premieres Jan. 24 on FOX. This show has always given me the chills, but it kept me interested. I am excited to see what these new episodes will bring and how the characters will mesh after 14 years of absence.

Fuller House is the next new series. Instead of the original plot line with Danny Tanner raising his three daughters wih his brother-in-law and his best friend, in the revamp of the show, a new parent takes the stage: Danny’s eldest daughter, DJ. She was always the older sister I always wanted, so I cannot wait to see her in a new stage of her life as a widow with three boys. Her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, and her sister, Stephanie Tanner, are returning to take some of the responsibilities. I am very excited to see how they are going to follow a similar story line as the original, while also threading in original characters. It will be interesting to follow the gender and generation differences. This series will be available on Netflix in February.

Gilmore Girls ended its reign with an ending that left my mom and me wanting more. Those prayers have been answered with the reinstatement of the series for the Fall of 2016. This relaunch is different for the fact that it is being renewed for an extra season. Netflix took over this series to give it an eighth season. I believed the series deserves as much. Even without Edward Herrmann’s character, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Melissa McCarthy will hopefully reclaim their roles. Everyone in Stars Hollow had chemistry that made him or her relatable. The characters made you wish you were there for a town meeting or a Friday night dinner. Their small disputes and touching moments led the audience on an emotional roller coaster. You just wanted everything to work out for all the members of the fictional town. If you were left with questions about Lorelei and Luke’s relationship, this eighth season, composed of four episodes, is sure to put a rest to the speculations of what happened after the show ended. I know my mom is already talking about how they are going to have it all play back out, so I hope you all are, too.