ResLife prepares for winter break

Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

As winter break approach- es, Piedmont students begin talks of finals and their break plans. However, one group on Piedmont’s campus is focused on what happens before break—closing procedures.

The Piedmont College Res- idenrial Life Staff is working to make sure leaving Piedmont for winter break goes smoothly for everyone on campus.

“[Students] will not have access to [their] building until Jan. 2 at noon,” read the signs posted by Residence Life Staff.

Because of this, students are asked to collect all the items they will need over break, such as medication, chargers and clothing.

Also, Residence Life asks that students empty their fridges; unplug everything except the air conditioning unit, microwave and fridge; close and lock their windows while keeping blinds open if living on an upper floor; empty trash into the dumpster; turn off the lights and lock the door.

Still, there is one task not mentioned on the signs posted in each building: removing everything from the bathroom.

“We will have administrative services go in and pressure wash their whole bathroom with Clorox,” said Director of Residential Education Mark Jestel. “But, if there is stuff in there, they will pass over it.”

On Dec. 9 at 6 p.m., the halls will close, and students’ fobs will be turned off, halt- ing access to the buildings. However, the students in the buildings that do not have fobs will have to return their keys.

If a student needs to stay past this time, he or she must contact Jestel at [email protected] before Dec. 4 at 5 p.m. for approval.

However, for a student who is not returning to Piedmont in the spring, he or she must sign up for a check-out time with the student’s resident assistant as well as contact Stephanie Hudgens at [email protected] to fill out the appropriate forms.

According to Jestel, these tasks will be discussed at the mandatory hall meetings host- ed in each building.

He said, according to the housing contract, as long as the Residence Life staff gives the students a week’s notice before the meeting, the college can fine the student if he or she does not attend.

To find out when your hall meeting is, contact your resi- dent assistant or community assistant.