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Protesting Spreads

According to USA Today College, af- ter outbursts of racial tension at the Uni- versity of Missouri, students at colleges across the country began protesting in unison with the students of Missouri. Colleges and universities such as Ithaca College, Claremont McKenna College, Baylor University, UNC Charlotte, The University of Southern Mississippi and Stanford University protested against their own administrations, calling for re- forms to improve conditions and overall diversity on campuses. Students post- ed using #standwithmizzou, showing administrations and students across the country that student bodies can con- gregate demonstrate power.

Paris Attacked

According to CNN, Paris, France was attacked by multiple suicide bombers and shooters on Fri., Nov. 13, killing over 100 people and wounding more than 350. An American college student from California was one of the people killed in the attacks, giving the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation some jurisdiction in the investigation of the attackers. The attacks caused France to close its borders for the first time since World War II. ISIS is claiming to have or- ganized the attacks. Authorities are still investigating the details.

Democrats Debate

During the Democratic debate on Sat., Nov. 14, according to the New
York Times, Bernie Sanders and Mar- tin O’Malley critiqued Clinton’s foreign policy stances. Hillary Clinton spent the evening combating the various attacks from her two opponents most of the evening. Other topics, such as income inequality, college tuition and gun con- trol, were discussed throughout the de- bate. According to the Washington Post, O’Malley came out on top after simply getting his name out there. However, the Washington Post also mentioned Sanders’s domestic policy received the attention of many voters watching.