New visitation hours effective next Monday


News Editor

Starting Monday, Feb. 18, opposite-sex visitation hours will be extended to  10 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) began a proposal to amend visitation last semester. They submitted the request to Piedmont administration and the Board of Trustees. 

Drew Davis, dean of student affairs, said he has been listening to complaints about visitation for eight years. 

“I have been in this position eight years and I have heard comments and debate about visitation hours almost daily. 

“This is a great accomplishment for the entire residential population and we are glad to see it come to fruition,” said Davis.  

However, these changes are not set in stone. According to Davis, the new visitation hours will be under review by the administration. 

“An extra 28 hours per week is a lot of time, and we will need to see that common living space, especially in rooms with two students and residential lobbies, is being valued and respected,” said Davis. 

He also noted that these changes will require more communication between roommates and suitemates. 

Davis added that if the extra freedom resulted in more visitation, noise or alcohol violations, the administration and SGA would re-evaluate the policies. 

According to Davis, this is not the first time Piedmont has evaluated extending visitation hours.

“Five years ago Mayflower was allowed overnight guests on the weekends but it only lasted a few weeks since various infractions dramatically increased,” Davis said. 

The Res-Life staff will be doing rounds at 2 a.m. on certain nights of the week. Visitation violations will still be enforced and the consequences, typically community service hours, will still be enforced. Courtney Benson, SGA president, urged that the current 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. hours will be enforced until the changes take place next Monday.  

Not all students are happy about the new hours. Senior music major Brianna Foley worries about students staying up at such late hours. 

“Although I am glad the student voice is being heard on campus, I can’t help but wonder what good will come out of it,” said Foley.

“10 a.m. is reasonable but why do students need to be encouraged to stay up so late on a school night?”

Others, like freshman art major Dekotah Lego, feel like there is no need for limited visitation.

“I think it is great that SGA and students have made progress on this issue, but I still find it ridiculous that Piedmont does not have 24/7 visitation policies,” said Lego.

“We’re in college and should be old enough to make our own decisions. Plus this means the RAs and RDs have to make rounds at 2 a.m. That’s not fair to them.”