Editorial: How to Stay Motivated to go to the Gym

By: Leslie Pritchett
Staff Writer

The freshman 15 is a very real issue, but the gym is also very real and very available. When one thinks of the word gym, usually sweating, being tired and soreness comes to mind. It’s difficult to get past the tough stuff and think about the successful results that are shown after one goes consistently and for a while. In order to stay motivated to go to the gym, here is a routine that will be sure to keep one determined to get fit.

The first step is to put on gym clothes or simply just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or name brand. Being comfortable is the most important part. There may be days where one doesn’t go to the gym, but if one puts gym clothes on and never works out, at least it looks as if they went to the gym, that’s a start.

Another encouragement method is to keep some smaller clothes that no longer fit anymore or pictures from the past to help with motivation. Having those photos can be a constant reminder of how one has the capability of looking like. By keeping clothes that can no longer be fit into, one can remind oneself, “If I lose weight, I can fit into these clothes.” Another thing to help is to try those smaller clothes on every once in a while, and keep trying them on until the results are different. If enough effort is put into it, there will be a good outcome.

In order to keep oneself motivated, it sometimes helps to have an accountability partner. It’s always nice to have someone to workout with. Maybe even hire a personal trainer. Individually, personal trainers are already motivated so they can help keep someone else driven. If that may be too expensive, set up a daily or every other day routine to go to the gym at the same time with another person. One has to be pushed to the next limit in order to be successful.

An important part of staying motivated to get to the gym is to sign up for a membership at a gym because working out at home is next to impossible. There are too many surroundings that could be a distraction in a house. The gym has nothing but stuff for working out so there are no distractions. Piedmont College students have access to the gym for free, so students don’t have to worry about a membership, which is an even better reason to utilize the workout equipment.

Working out brings good physical results and when a person makes a person looks good, they feel good. Going to the gym and being fit builds one’s self-confidence, and who wouldn’t want to feel good about themselves?

Though swimsuit season has come and gone until next summer, the gym hasn’t. Start early to get the beach body for next season, which means to get in a routine now and stay motivated throughout the year. It’s time to suit up and hit the treadmill.