Tensions run high at SGA meeting


Tensions Run High at SGA Meeting


Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

While some students bustled around campus to get to class, the elected members of the Student Government Association, or SGA, met for the second time this year on Wed., Sept. 23. Tensions ran high as miscommunications and budget cuts pushed their way into the meeting’s topics.

After discussing upcoming elections for senior and freshman representatives, appointing a commuter representative and discussing the bylaws of campus club Patriots of Piedmont, new advisor to SGA, Kim Crawford, gave her advisor report.

Crawford reported that SGA’s budget was revised from $4,850, as the secretary had reported, to $4,000. She said that the budget had remained at this amount for two weeks. However, the members of SGA were unaware of the change until this meeting.

When the floor became open for discussion, sophomore senator Thomas Looney mentioned that the president of the Outdoor Club was never informed of SGA’s decision to grant the club money for a trip.

Crawford then pointed out that no one from the Outdoor Club ever picked up the money SGA granted them.

“Obviously, there was a miscommunication,” said Crawford at the meeting.

During a short recession, SGA discussed possible solutions to prevent similar situations in the future.

Later in the meeting, Sigma Alpha Pi discussed plans on developing and funding an “Eno hang-out station,” which will be a location on campus where students can hang up their hammocks. 

Additionally, Vice President of Academic Affairs Perry Rettig arrived to discuss ideas on how to get students involved with Piedmont’s Quality Enhancement Plan. The group also touched on Ignite’s lack of a representative and possible incentives for being a part of SGA. Ignite is the on-campus student ministry at Piedmont.

For more information about this meeting or SGA, contact SGA President Joshua McGowan at [email protected]