President’s Corner: “The Rising Cost of Not Attending College”



There has been a lot of attention given to the cost of attending college in recent months as well as the amount of debt students take on in order to complete a college degree. 

It has long been known that college graduates have higher lifetime-earnings potential than individuals who only complete high school or some college. 

A recent article in United States News & World Report points out, however, that the gap is widening, which means you can’t afford to not become a college graduate.

The newest data indicates that college graduates earn almost 40 percent more on average per year than individuals who only have a high-school degree. Employment rates for college graduates are almost three times higher than those for high-school graduates with the median net worth of households headed by individuals aged 25-32 being four times greater. According to USN & WR, “Given the chance to do things differently, survey respondents indicated that they would have studied harder, obtained more work experience and started the job search sooner while in college. “

Piedmont College is proud to offer one of the most highly regarded educational experiences for students in this region and at one of the best values when compared to the true cost of attendance at peer institutions. 

Student loans are the order of the day for most college graduates, yet Piedmont graduates finish their degrees with less loan debt than the majority of college students on a national level. 

In a future column, I will offer more positive information about how you can make yourself more marketable as you move toward completing your degree here.  

In the meantime, be confident that you made a great decision by choosing Piedmont for your college experience.