Wanderlust: Sweet Breads


Contributing Writer

One definition, according to Dictionary.com, of bohemian is “having informal and unconventional social habits.” Some synonyms would be nonconformist or free spirit. With that said, bohemian was amongst the first words that came to my mind as I walked into the freshly reopened Sweet Breads, located in the Demorest square.  

This was my very first time visiting this unconventional restaurant, and I was not displeased.  The atmosphere had a soothing, retro and unique vibe to it.  As far as the people go, I was greeted with charismatic, friendly faces.  

One of the managers/owners I spoke to was welcoming yet assertive, which are two traits that I admire and found surprisingly refreshing.  But what could have possibly taken this exquisite place so long to open?  When I asked this question, I was somewhat surprised that it all came down to location.

From what I gathered, location was not necessarily a setback but rather an obstacle.  Everyone who is familiar with Demorest can say it’s not a very immense place at all.  So, why here? What made the owners choose Demorest?  This question didn’t receive a lot of attention. However, I did learn that the reasoning behind choosing Demorest was merely a simple invite.  

That’s right, an invitation to set up shop right here in this lovely town. While being in Demorest, the very friendly welcome from everyone including the mayor and Piedmont College professor, Rick Austin, was a few of the things the owners said they were excited about.  

Now, for the question that is on everyone’s minds, what has changed since the restaurant burned down burned down?  I guess the answer to that will have to remain a mystery. For when I asked about the fire, I found that the question was avoided. I guess we all have that one devastating experience we try to forget in the past and start anew. 

As for business, it has been “awesome” so far, according to the owners. This very vibrant place is quiet charming, from the soothing music playing to the wall booth that resembles a comfortable and inviting couch to the ginormous art piece of Buddha illuminating with purple fluorescent light. Everything about this place is captivating and alluring.  

All I can say is that I will definitely be back in order to try one of their famously delicious treats and to take in its refreshing atmosphere.