Men’s soccer goes into double overtime


Sports Editor

The men’s soccer team traveled to Cleveland, Ga. to play the Bears of Truett-McConell on Sept. 16. 

The game ended in a draw after playing in double overtime. Both teams remained scoreless throughout the whole match.

Kenneth Hearn, fourth-year goal keeper made six saves, keeping the Bears from getting a goal.  Chase Kane, second-year forward, took four shots on goal that the  Bear’s goal keeper saved. 

“We really tried offensively, but could not score.” said Kane. “The other team worked really hard as well, and I’m happy that [Hearn] and our defense did not let them score. I wanted to win of course, but I am happy with our team. I can’t wait for our next game, and I can’t wait for my team and I to get even better as the season goes on.”  

During the second half, it was neck and neck as the two teams battled for the rest of the half. 

After two scoreless halfs, overtime began. 

Matt Metzger, third-year midfielder, almost got a goal, but the Bears’ goal keeper got a touch and saved it from going in the back on the net.  

Still, no one scored and overtime was over. 

 “I am extremely fortunate to have saved all of the shots on goal,” said Hearn. “I am also fortunate that my defense protected me very well, and given a little bit more scoring venom, I believe we could have gotten ourselves a win.”

The scoreless draw is the first in 12 seasons for the Piedmont men’s soccer program. The Lions’ last scoreless draw came in the 2004 season against the Lions of Greensboro College.

On Friday, Sept. 25, the team will travel to William Peace University, but the Lions will not play on their own field until Oct. 3 when Huntingdon visits.