Men’s soccer defeated by Oglethorpe

By Haley Hall
Sports Editor

The men’s soccer team played on Sept. 8 at home against the visiting Stormy Petrels of Oglethorpe University, losing 3-0. This loss pushed the team’s record to 1-1 overall.

“I think we lost because Oglethorpe had better passing and better movement. I wish we would have won, but I cannot wait to see what our season has for us. I don’t think our team played as well as we could have,” said third-year defender Chris Keller. 

The Lions and the Stormy Petrels battled neck and neck. Both teams generated chances, and fourth-year goalkeeper Kenneth Hearn made five saves for the team.

Third-year midfielder Colin Little took a free kick and hit the ball just right of the net. This play led Oglethorpe to make a goal with three minutes left in the half. By halftime, Oglethorpe was leading by two goals.

During the second half, Oglethorpe continued to cause penalties for themselves, giving Piedmont another free kick.

“I really thought I was going to score off my free kick. I wanted us to win, and I thought if I scored it would have broken the ice for us and lead to more goals. It was an amazing save by the goalie,” said third-year Matt Metzger. 

The Stormy Petrels had a couple shots on goal but couldn’t get past Hearn. The Lion’s defense slowly broke down, and with 36 minutes to go, Oglethorpe put another one in the box.

“Oglethorpe was a really disappointing game for us, and this weekend is all about bouncing back and showing what we are made of,” said Little.

Today, Sept. 16 the Lions travel to face Truett-McConnell College at 5 p.m