Study Habits 101

By Thomas Looney
Opinions Editor

Having trouble preparing for exams? Are you new to the whole college scenario? If so, this article is definitely for you. Likewise, even if you’re not a freshman and you usually do well on an exam day, this article still contains useful information to help you improve your study habits.

Cramming for an exam the night before might get you a passing grade. In spite of that, it won’t help you to get the best grade possible or to retain the information for the long run. For instance, staying up all night in order to review for a test you have the next day, getting a “B” and forgetting everything afterwards is not going to prepare you for the career you desire. In order to get the most out of your study sessions and best prepare yourself for the career you want your study sessions need to be spread out. 

Studying for a topic for 15 minutes a day for five days straight compared to studying for an hour and a half straight in one day will substantially improve your permanent recollection of the information at hand. The outlook of “get it done” as opposed to “it can wait” could make the difference in whether or not you succeed not only in college but in life.

Furthermore, no matter how much you might wish differently, there are only so many hours in a day. Prioritizing your time as well as dedicating a set time during each day to stop and study will make a world of a difference. Doing this will keep you from getting behind or just forgetting to do homework assignments, which are preparation for the exam.

Procrastination is a college student’s worst enemy. Just try a few of the techniques described above, and you will see a world of difference.