Editorial: Sophomore Slump

By Lauren Bartlett
Features Editor

It’s a student’s second year at Piedmont College. He or she is expecting this year to be a better version of freshman year, just with more friends, more information about the campus and professors and not having to carry around the title of being a freshman. Except, the student finds his or herself a month into school, and instead, he or she is questioning his or her major, his or her friends from last year are different and he or she is calling home threating to drop out. This is what some call the sophomore slump. 

Hearing about the sophomore slump, one never thinks it will happen to him or her. Unfortunately, it is an inevitable feeling that most students experience at least a little bit during their sophomore year of college. This year is filled with lots of ups and downs and changes with everything in life, but it’s also one of the best years to look back on.

The initial stage of the slump comes from when one realizes that this year is definitely not like his or her freshman year. It’s filled with more responsibility, the stress of really getting into their field of study, not being 18 anymore, possible relationship problems, different surroundings and more people. It can all be very overwhelming.

One doesn’t realize how carefree freshman year is until it’s over, and he or she finds his or herself thinking back on the “good old days,” which was just four months ago.

A lot of students don’t realize they’re in the sophomore slump until they are out of it. A lot of time can be spent asking upperclassman if they feel the same, if they’ve ever experienced this and what to do about it. When asking the upperclassmen these questions, the answer is almost always, yes, they have felt that way at one point, and their advice is to just take things one day at a time and that next year will be better.

Some students make the mistake of wishing away their sophomore year because they think it’s that bad. But, as they come back as juniors and start another year with even more wisdom and a close group of few friends, they look back and miss it. They cherish the friends they had by them during the hectic year and all the memories made with them. In the midst of all the confusion and drama, they found themselves having fun and making memories they will never forget. 

No one wants to look back and have regrets about a time in his or her life, especially when in college. This is supposed to be the best four years of people’s lives, right? Well, then make them that. 

So, to all the sophomores out there, this is just the beginning of your second year here. Even though the slump is real, there are ways to get through it. Remember, almost everyone has gone through it, and they all survived. Just don’t wish the year away. 

Each year of college is going to be different, so try going into it with not knowing what to expect. Embrace this year and all the changes, drama and confusion that comes with it. Use this year as a learning experience because it just might turn out to be the best year yet.