Through the eyes of a transfer student


Contributing Writer

In my experience, being a transfer student is a bit of a different experience than just being a regular student at Piedmont. 

As a transfer, valuable connections formed from a previous institution become difficult to maintain due to distance and new obligations with the new institution. Some friendships also become distant. 

In my case, I transferred into Piedmont as a junior. I found it highly interesting that Piedmont does not keep track of transfer statistics, which leads me to believe that there are not many incoming transfers. 

Coming to Piedmont was like embracing a clean slate in the middle of a trying point in my college career. 

The majority of my classes were major-specific, and I did not have many elective credits left to balance out the load. 

My first semester was rough. I did not know many people, and fellow peers in my major did not seem to take a liking to me. 

In fact, a negative rumor or two began to spread. 

As a transfer with only two years left, I had to choose between two mentalities. The first option was to view Piedmont College as another stepping-stone. 

So, just get in and get it done. 

The second was that I have only two years to enjoy my time, and I better make it count. 

I ultimately decided to go with the second mentality. 

As my professor and close friend told me over the phone, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” 

I realized two things: I shouldn’t be rushing to graduate and move on and treat this new institution as a “stepping stone” but, instead, as a gallery of opportunity. 

Secondly, I must pace myself and realize that relationships need time to grow. 

That is why, for my last year here at Piedmont, I plan on meeting fellow students and submitting myself to helping the Piedmont community grow. 

And, in turn, I will grow in character. 

I feel like some things cannot be taught in a classroom. 

And self-growth is one of them.