Social Media: what not to do


Contributing Writer

Social media are platforms of communication that can connect anyone from anywhere all around the world.  It’s amazing what they can do.

 There have been cases of people finding their children and family members thanks to the power of social media. 

People have also found love and their dream careers.  

Social media have positive benefits for sure, but sometimes people can get carried away with their freedoms. 

Since people do have the freedom to post whatever they want, it seems that social media have become a place where people can vent about anything, including, complaining about our latest president election.  

However, that’s only scratching the surface of the annoying things people post on social media.

Social media users love their opinions, especially when it comes to politics. 

Everyone thinks they are right and opposing views are wrong. Sometimes people will repost articles from political blogs that have no evidence to support their theories. 

Others will post why we, as “followers” or “friends,” should vote for their candidate and not the other.  

To learn the true facts, look at resourceful and credible websites and not so-called “friends” added from high school.

Another common type of post includes personal situations. For example, if a guy cheats on his girlfriend with her best friend, no one should put that on Facebook. Yes, they get attention, but it’s negative attention. 

People should settle their differences in person. Posts on Facebook or Twitter can only make things worse.

Facebook should not be a place to post rants and complaints about other people. It’s not a “soap box.”

When posting to any social medium, make sure the post has correct grammar and doesn’t do anything to hurt your reputation.  

Social media users have to be careful about what they post online. 

It’s a common-sense rule, but it’s also something that people forget quite often.

Regardless of any privacy settings one may have on social media, one’s privacy isn’t always protected. 

People are able to screenshot anything. Many employers have accounts on Facebook and Twitter. 

If they follow someone, they can see all the pictures of that person from that crazy party or that post filled with profane language.

Employers have been known to fire their employees over Facebook posts. 

According to the Washington Post, a day-care employee was fired after posting on social media that she “hates being around a lot of kids.” 

Social media are wonderful ways to communicate with peers, but remember, the opinions, arguments and drama on social media can be seen and shared by any “friend” and will stay there forever.