Commons create changes for cafeteria


By: Janie Harris
Editor-in-Cheif/News Editor

While Piedmont students awaited the arrival of the new Commons, many questioned what the new building may hold: How tall will the rock wall be? Will the Grill be open 24 hours? However, a pressing question heard around campus was simply: What will the new cafeteria hold?

Now that the Commons is here and students are piling into the new facility to climb, hang out and eat, The Navigator went to find out just how much the cafeteria has changed.

“We want to meet their [students] expectations,” said Director of Dining Services Angela Mixon.

Mixon said the opportunity the new Commons has given her staff is overwhelming, and the space alone is a huge improvement.

“I think it looks great, and the food selection has improved as well. Overall, I’m really pleased with it,” said senior education major Christi Spence.

Mixon and Assistant Dining Director Laura DeLorenzo have been working to move all of the items from Neilson Dining Hall to their new home and to develop a new menu and experience for the students.

“Before, we were just sort of limited on what we could do with the equipment and the space that we had,” said DeLorenzo.

However, the new location does not come without its own set of challenges. Because of the increased size, Mixon and DeLorenzo are having to search for more employees to balance the work load. They said they hope that with the start of the school year, more students will be able to fill in the shifts other employees cannot. But, with fewer employees than needed, sometime the food lines can run a little longer.

“The students have been very patient, so it’s been a good experience, so far,” Mixon said.

According to Mixon, the kitchen was built with a transparent feel, allowing students to watch as their food is prepared. Because of the larger space, Mixon explained that she and DeLorenzo have had to create more options for students.

“The challenges we have had in the past: I personally feel they have been improved,” said Mixon.

Mixon said that she hopes that with this new environment, she will receive more feedback from students. She said she wants to be able to address any and all student concerns.


More information about the cafeteria this year, as provided by Chartwell’s:
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