Want a new PS4? Piedmont’s new campus-wide program may help you get it



Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

While all the freshmen received a full presentation during Welcome Week, most of the campus doesn’t know about the new program coming to Piedmont soon. 

“It is a pretty cool idea,” said freshman engineering major Drew Wamser.

Director of Residential Education Mark Jestel explained that Piedmont is preparing to implement a new incentive program called League of Lions, or LOL. 

This program, similar to one seen  at Kennesaw State University, gives students points for attending different events and participating in various activities on campus. All a student needs is a smart phone.

“A lot of people are asking if I got this from Harry Potter,” said Jestel, commenting on how the points system works similar to what many have seen at Hogwarts.

Departments across campus, from athletics to fine arts, are coming together to participate in LOL.

“They [the different department heads] are just super excited about it,” Jestel said.

But why would a college student care to collect points? Well, Piedmont has already bought many different prizes that a student could “buy” with his or her points. These prizes vary from more money for the Grill to a PlayStation 4.

He said he believes that this program will help students understand what is going on around campus. 

“I think the prizes are a good start to get people involved,” said senior education major Kendall Newell. 

But LOL is not quite ready for students. Jestel told The Navigator that his goal is to have the program up and running sometime in September. 

“As soon as we are able to get the mobile app and website up-to-date and we can stock the calendar full of all these different events, we will be running,” said Jestel.

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