Lions fall to Ferrum in aggressive game


Sports Editor 

This past Friday and Sunday, Piedmont hosted the Inaugural Southeast Independent Lacrosse Championship. By the end, Ferrum took home the title. 

The first game faced off at 4 p.m. with Huntington College taking on Greensboro College. Huntington beat Greensboro 9-7. 

At 7 p.m., Piedmont faced the Panthers of Ferrum College. Ferrum College won with a score of 15-8. 

Ferrum received the first goal of the game. Third year Attackman Taylor Carter came back, scoring the first goal for Piedmont.  

“It’s been a long fought season since the start. We worked incredibly hard throughout the year and unfortunately just came up short in a few games. It’s hard to look at a 4-12 team and think we were successful but we were. We grew as a team both on and off the field, we made huge strides for the program,” said Carter.  

At the end of the first quarter, the Lions were losing 5-3.  At half time, the Lions were losing 8-6. Ferrum lead after two quarters. 

The Lions were led by fourth-year midfielder Nick Green and Carter who each had three goals each. Green scored a hat trick before three minutes had passed in the second quarter.  

Green scored 16 goals over his final five games and was able to reach 100 goals during his time at Piedmont. Another  Lion, fourth-year midfielder Spencer Ortis, also capped 100 goals in his Piedmont career that same night, scoring twice while assisting on two others. 

Scoring the hundredth goal was a goal I’ve had all season long. I  just didn’t realize it would also come on my last game. It was a relief and very exciting to finally have passed that mark in my career,” said Ortis. 

Green will finish with 102 goals, and Ortis comes in just behind with 101.  

The two teams went goal for goal with each other through the half with Carter scoring both of Piedmont’s goals in the stretch. 

Ferrum would assume control in the fourth and final quarter, outscoring Piedmont five to one. The Panthers’ control and hardwork gave Ferrum a 15-8 victory and a spot in the SEILC title game bringing Piedmont’s season to a close. 

“Overall, it was a good game, but some things just didn’t fall our way. It’s always kind of mixed emotions at the end of every season. You finally have time to relax, but you will miss being out on the field with everyone,” said fourth-year defender Austin Crowe. 

The loss wraps up Piedmont’s 2015 campaign as the Lions post a 4-12 record in 16 contests this season. 

Ferrum moved on to meet third-seeded Huntingdon College on Sunday at 1:00 pm in the SEILC final game.  

Ferrum came out on top, winning 13-12 in triple overtime. The Panthers were named the champions and concluded their season with a 9-9 record.