Administration gives tour inside of new student commons

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On Feb. 18, some of Piedmont’s administration gave a tour of the inside of the new student commons. Assistant Vice President  for Administrative Services Parks Miller and Vice President for Academic Affairs Perry Rettig conducted the tour of the commons and answered questions about what all will be included inside the new building. Those who attended the tour were President of the Student Government Association (SGA) Sam Thomas and Vice President of SGA Josh McGowan and the Navigator staff. Miller explained that the building will be open 24 hours while the dining hall and the rock climbing hall will operate on certain hours. The new building will also hold all of the administrative offices that are in the Lane Student Center. (Top left) Rock climbing wall, (top center) Miller explains the inside of the basketball court and inside track, (top right) sand is in the place of the floor where the new dining hall will be, (bottom left) an open window shines light on the 24-hour internet cafe students can look forward to. The cafe will have food available for students to grab in the internet cafe, like sandwiches and drinks. (bottom center) View overlooking of the new dining hall, (bottom right) Miller continues the tour to the bottom floor of the building. Construction of the building is expected to be complete by July of 2015. Click Here: Students speak on New Commons.