Fad or Flop


Opinions Editor

There is a trend sweeping the nation, which has picked up momentum after the invention of websites such as Instagram and Snapchat: the selfie. 

Some people criticise selfies and even judge other people for taking them in public. I’ve seen the ugly glares I get when I’m trying to Snapchat in the grocery store. If you do that to people, shame on you. 

Selfies are a beautiful way to express yourself. I’ve heard some argue that selfies make people more conceited and self-absorbed. However, I can’t seem to comprehend what is so wrong about a world where people love themselves enough to fill up a camera roll. 

I suppose it depends on which end of the spectrum you buy into. Do we share too much online? Or do we use selfies as a way to share our experiences with others and connect with the world around us? I would say the later. 

Dr. Andrea Letamendi of UCLA told TIME Magazine in an interview earlier this year that “selfies are simply reflections of self-exploration and nothing more.” 

The hard truth is that we all do it. We all put on an outfit that makes us feel like a rockstar and strut our stuff around our room taking picture after picture of our lovely faces. And why shouldn’t you? 

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people in public and they see something awesome, but are too afraid to take a picture with it because “people are staring.” I’m no life expert, but in 21 years I have learned one thing for certain, stop giving a damn. Rats, that stranger I will more than likely never ever see again just saw me take a selfie with a pineapple. So what? Now slap a filter on that bad boy and post it to every social media site you’re on. People care about you and that pineapple. 

For me, what the selfie movement boils down to is showing the world how much you love yourself, and the people around you. Regardless of what anyone else says, or the mean glares you get in public, there is nothing wrong with that. It doensn’t make you concieted or self-absorbed, it makes you human. And to me, it makes you an even more amazing human that everyday you find something about yourself you love enough to share with the world.